Diving centre:

Diving base

Diving base KREINER-DIVER is placed in the ground floor of apartments DOLAC, in a distance of cca 50 metres from sea.

Comfort on a journey is ensured by a new ship OCEANO, which is for 12 divers, available even for all-day family trips. Quality air fulfillment guarentees full automatic compressor BAUER SILENT with effort of 350 l/min, there are new 15 litres tanks available.

Diving education goes on according to standards Scuba Schools International, Teoretical courses take place in a pleasant atmosphere of the centre. We place emphasis on a practical part of education.

Description of the most frequently visited localities is to find in an interactive map or in a list of diving localities.
We recommend a new locality – ship wreck Fiona

We offer profitable conditions for diving school and diving instructors.
Contakt us - info@kreiner-diver.cz

We eternalize by digital camera not only beauty of fauna and flora, but also our clients during diving, views and short takes from visited localities can be found in submarine gallery.

Centre KREINER-DIVER runs a company Kreiner Ltd, Dolac b.b. 515 54 Nerezine, Croatia. We own all needed licences, qualifications and ensurance needed for pursuit of diving centre and diving school in Croatia.

Price Information for diving services and diving courses is to find in a price list.

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