Wreck Fiona

In autumn 2004 sank during storm 17 metres long wooden sailing ship Fiona direct in front of Nerezine. At the beginning of saison 2005 we managed to localize the wreck and realize the historically first plunge. Fiona set after sinking perfectly with keel on the plane sand ground in 18 metres deep. Mast looks to sea-level in a perfect vertical position. To the top of mast, which ends in 3 metres deep, was bound an anchor rope, so descent and rise proceeded along mast and rope. I was a little bit surprised how intesive covered the wreck by fauna nad flora only per half year. The whole ship was covered by sea-grass and on places hidden from sun were many cuttles´ eggs. On the wreck domesticated many smaller fish. The small deep of locality enabled us to enquire the wreck properly. It was found logbook with photographs of Fiona and we found out, that its vintage was 1913. During summer we realized several pleasant plunges and Fiona endeared almost the same favour as its namesake, Shreck´s wife.