Wreck Fiona
In autumn 2004 sank during storm 17 metres long wooden sailing ship Fiona direct in front of Nerezine. At the beginning of saison 2005 we managed to localize the wreck and realize the historically first plunge. Fiona set after sinking perfectly with keel on the plane sand ground in 18 metres deep. Mast looks to sea-level in a perfect vertical position. To the top of mast, which ends in 3 metres deep, was bound an anchor rope, so descent and rise proceeded along mast and rope. I was a little bit surprised how intesive covered the wreck by fauna nad flora only per half year. The whole ship was covered by sea-grass and on places hidden from sun were many cuttles´ eggs. On the wreck domesticated many smaller fish. The small deep of locality enabled us to enquire the wreck properly. It was found logbook with photographs of Fiona and we found out, that its vintage was 1913. During summer we realized several pleasant plunges and Fiona endeared almost the same favour as its namesake, Shreck´s wife.

Locality Školjič is our most visited centre. It is placed on the north tail of Lošinj island near a rock sticking from water. It is a beautiful broken terrain with submarine towers falling from 3 to 40 metres with much fish. There lives a big shoal of steel blue gear-racks in a surroundings of Školjiče, which majestically stem through shoals of small fish and during hunt they evoke torpedos. Weight of some pieces overreach 10 kg. In holes we often appear congers, crawfish and lobsters. We several appear a big groper. Often drifts ensure full vision. This locality is suitable for all diving qualifications.

Mali Osir
Mali Osir is an island, which you can see on the way by car from Nerezine to Mali Lošinj. It neighbours upon Veli Osir island and its circumnavigation is an optimal terrain for beginners. Deep is cca 10 metres, alternate sand terrain with rocks and wild undersea flora. There lives a big amount of fauna kinds in surroundings. On sand we often appear a sea devil. Northward from Mali Osir is the island surrounded by long wall divided by canyon. Wall edge is around 20 metres and somewhere falls to 50 metres. This terrain is suitable only for advanced.

A wall in L-form is placed near 3 thousand years old stone town Osor, with a channel with a turn-around bridge which divides islands Cres and Lošinj. There are some rifts in the wall. There often hide gropers in the biggest of them. There are many hides settled by lobsters under the wall in 35 metres deep. The wall begins at coast so its shoal part is suitable also for beginners.

Ustrine is a stylish island village placed on the top edge of a waste west coast of island Cres. There spread a big reserved bay under it. On the left and right are situated some smaller walls with deep to 40 metres. We go to these localities, when it blows “bura” or “tramontana”. In this area there are inreresting infiltrations of fresh water, so even in hot summer we flow into cold rows. These walls are suitable for all diving qualifications.

In east shore of island Unije is placed a small island Mišnjak. Near rise above a stone block, which creates a beautiful terrain to diving. Upon proper anchorege is under ship in 6 metres deep situated a big shelf. From edge of the shelf falls a beautifully coloured wall with rifts and caves. Full vision and rich fauna and flora do from Mišnjak one of the most wonderfull places suitable even for beginners. Ground under the wall rises from 27 to 10 metres.

Samuncel is a low island settled by sea-gull and cormorants. It is placed on a north shore of island Unije. Wall spreads from the island to high sea and is over 300 metres long. Crawfish, lobsters and crabs are not rarity. On rests of fishing nets hang colonies of dogfish´s eggs. A turtle from video was filmed right at this wall. There are some caverns and caves under the wall. These are situated in a deep of cca 20 metres. The top edge is in cca 10 metres. The terrain is reasonable for all diving qualifications.

On the northwest side of island Unije rise right from sea-level plain cca 500 metres long wall to high over 20 metres, which continues under sea-level to 40 metres deep. In rifts of this majestic wall live crawfish, in bottom big congers . The wall is suitable only for advanced and is possible to dive only in good weather conditions.

Wreck Tihani
An old austria-hungarian freight ship, which sank down with swell to mine 12.2. 1917 and stayed in 35 metres deep. The ship is cca 60 metres long, hull and all steel parts held well-kept, from both decks held only ribbing.

Far in a high sea is on otherwise deserted island Galiola lighthouse. You can find Galiola on a map, if you join the south tail of Istria with the north tail of island Lošinj. Bad availability make Galiola low visited though one of the most beautiful localities of the north Adriatic. Almost always full vision, segmentation, rich undersea life and the whole area fulfil each diver. There are tunnels, canyons, caves and steep reefs. In good weater conditions is Galiola suitable for all-day two-plunge trip.

As a big magnification of Swiss cheese impacts undersea reef on a west shore of island Premuda. Rifts, canyons, water seals and the biggest of caves called Cathedral are fascinating. Cathedral got its name after one of the enterings in 27 metres deep, which evokes a gothic arch. After sail through this arch, there are several together linked courts full of rifts on the roof, where the sun goes through. This 90 metres long system ends with a mouth in 16 metres deep. The terrain is suitable for all categories of divers, the cave only for advanced.

Small Red sea – so is called area around islands Mali and Veli Čutin. As well is this locality considered as the most beautiful on the north Adriatic. Except extraordinary segmentation, lenght and wall deep is beauty of Čutinu caused by colonies of red gorgons, growing up to one metre high. The next magnet is a submarine tower rising from 50 metres to 15 metres under sea-level. There are a canyon and 20metres long cave as a part of this system. By keeping the deep limits is Čutin suitable for all categories.

Malé Srakane
South cape of an sland Malé Stakane offers divers broken coloured wall from sea-level to 40 metres. The wall is crag and view to the deep impacts mysterious imression. On the north of the wall is for the second plunge a very nice cave suitable even for beginners. Entrance is in 8 metres deep and after 15 metres distance tunnel comes to a small court, which is on a roof joined with surface on a shore of the island. From the court cave continous with 10 metres long tunnel under the island.

Cape Margarita is placed on a south shore of Susak, an island renowned by wine grown on sea sand. Rock and deep sea ensure in the area clear water and rich submarine life. Wall copies coast and makes under sea-level a hook, which directs from island to high sea. At Margarita is canyon ended with two windows, you can swim through. Locality is suitable for all qualifications but providing mastered of swimming in drifts.

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