Croatia - island Lošinj - Nerezine

Whole decades temperature does not drop under zero, sun shines around 1 300 hours yearly and 30 % days of year are calm. The island is a favourite spa place for alergics and asthmatics from the beginning of century. Even in saison it is not overpeopled and the only busier town is Mali Lošinj, which is at the same time the biggest town on Adriatic islands.

The island Lošinj is a part of Kvarner islands in Adriatic sea. It is 31 km long, wide from 70 to almost 5 km of the whole area of 75 km2. Thank extraordinary natural beauty, pleasantly climate and wild greens is island Lošinj counted to the most important centres of tourist trade in Croatia. Distance from Prague is cca 860 km.

The island is joined with the land by two regular train-ferry lines. The first joins island Cres with Istria Brestova – Porozina and the second joins Cres and Krk Valbiska – Merag. The island Cres is with the island Lošinj joined by turn-around bridge through close strait in Osor town. And southwards is a village Nerezine.

With its segmentation, climate, rich history, bright blue sea rank Kvarner islands among the most beautiful places of our planet.

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